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About Joe

Well, I suppose you could say that I've always grown, created or fixed things with my hands. I've worked as a specialist in herbs and native landscapes at Austin,TX's Natural Gardener. I've built, customized, and repaired   Birkenstock sandals and shoes in the company's flagship store in downtown San Francisco. And for ten years, I was the accordionist, saxophonist, and sometimes bassist for the beloved Balkan brass and cabaret band: WinoVino

I like combining the focused meditative nature of hand work with on-the-spot analysis led by an ever-increasing knowledge base. That's why I chose massage therapy as a profession. That, and being run over by a truck.

I'd practiced self-care my entire adult life: diet, exercise, mindfulness. I was attuned to optimizing an already working body, but didn't realize what it would take to bring an impaired one back to working order, until one Tuesday afternoon, when I wound up with a truck lodged on top of me and my motorcycle. My pelvis was shattered. My femur was crushed. My humerus was yanked out of its socket. Suddenly I knew nothing. I had to learn how to roll over, stand, walk, lift my arm. I was astounded and humbled by the outpouring of help and compassion I received from others, and by how far that energy carried me down the road of recovery, and of all the hospital stays and surgeries, how much therapeutic massage helped me get back of my feet and how long its positive effects lasted.

That was the reason I became a massage therapist. Ever since, I've dedicated myself to helping people, and to constantly expanding my knowledge base. Since completing by basic education at Austin's Lauterstein-Conway school, I've pursued continuing education in Thai massage, Myoskeletal Alignment, and trigger point therapy. I've taken advanced classes in kinesiology and techniques at Bend, Oregon's Sage School, and am currently working with Whitney Lowe's Academy of Clinical Massage towards certification in Professional Orthopedic Massage.

Moving here from “The Live Music Capital of the World”, I look forward to the musical opportunities central Oregon will present. I've also been having a blast hiking and paddling through all of Oregon’s beautiful places with my botanist wife Stefanie, reading, cooking, doing yoga, discovering that gardening in Oregon is very different from gardening in Texas, and making sure our three kitties have settled well into their happy new home. 


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