About the Practitioner

Well, I suppose you could say that I've always grown, created or fixed things with my hands. I've worked as a specialist in herbs and a consultant in native landscaping at Austin's own organic gardening Mecca: The Natural Gardener. I've built, customized and repaired the world's favorite orthotic shoes, Birkenstocks, in the company's flagship store in downtown San Francisco. And for the past seven years, I've been the accordionist, saxophonist, and sometimes bassist for the beloved Balkan brass and cabaret band: WinoVino

I like combining the focus and nurturing care of hand work with on-the-spot analysis led by my intuition to give something life or new life. Which is why I turned to massage therapy. That, and being run over by a truck.

I'd practiced self-care my entire adult life: a vegetarian diet, yoga, chi gung. I was attuned to optimizing an already good body, but I wasn't able to translate it into helping anybody else or to feel what it might be like inside of a body that doesn't work. Then one Tuesday afternoon, a pick-up truck wound up parked on top of me and my motorcycle, shattering my pelvis, crushing my femur, and yanking out my humerus. Suddenly I knew nothing. I had to learn how to roll over, stand, walk, lift my arm. And I was astounded not only by the outpouring of selfless compassion I received, but by how far that energy carried me down the road of recovery, and of all the hospital stays and surgeries, how much therapeutic massage helped me get back of my feet and how long its positive effects lasted.

And after rigorous coursework in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and many relaxation and clinically oriented massage modalities at the Lauterstein Conway school and working in the school's clinc: Here I am. Ready to help you.




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