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LMT# 23642



My job is to help you feel your best in every situation: from your favorite activities to your regular day at work. In our busy lives, we have priorities to meet, challenges to overcome, problems to solve and tasks to complete, yet we rarely budget any time to take care of ourselves, often waiting until we thoroughly run down or break to allow ourselves the help that we need. Don't wait.

I'm a very structural. purposeful. and focused therapist who can work deep while allowing you to feel relaxed and balanced. If you’re looking for someone with significant anatomical assessment skills, acute and chronic pathological knowledge, and a large pallette of treatment options to suit your specific needs, you've found him!

Initially, I graduated from a very thorough program and clinic in Austin, Texas at The Lauterstein-Conway School, and have since done continuing education work in Thai massage, Myoskeletal Alignment, and Trigger Point Therapy. This past year, I completed advanced work in Kinesiology and Soft Tissue Techniques at The Sage School of Massage and Esthetics in Bend, Oregon, and am currently working with Whitney Lowe's Academy of Clinical Massage towards certification in Professional Orthopedic Massage, and eventual certification through the NCBTMB as a Clinical Rehabilitative Therapist.

Over the past few years, I've had the privilege of helping a large community of regular clients reach for and remain at their very best. I love the work I do: the opportunities for learning about the body are endless, and the end result of reaching out to and helping another human in pain couldn't be more rewarding. Don't wait: talk to me today.








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